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PartnerLink is an online web portal which can be accessible for authorised and registered users of john lewis.  John lewis partnerlink can provide information of John Lewis employees on training and support that included quicktrain, information board, support for line managers, support for partners, Partner Link top tips, and personnel systems training courses, Health Programs and other employee benefits.

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How to Login into Partner Link John Lewis

  • Visit the John Lewis Partnerlink Portal :
  • Now you'll be listed with the couple of options regarding the information, benefits
  • To Login to Profile "Click on the agree and continue to partnerlink" and you will be redirect to the login portal
  • Submit the john lewis user login and password
  • On Providing the Right User Details you will able logged into portal

PartnerLink Login

To log into partner intranet on the website, you need to enter your registered user name and password. Users can also access the website from home using their own computer and they need to type or enter the website name on the search address' bar. You should please remember a note that Partner Link website can only be accessed from using the Internet Explorer 9 only. You can't be able to access it through other remaining browsers and mobile devices. 

Specifically, Partner Link is designed for a wide audience subsuming line managers, partners, personal teams in branches, Payroll and expenses team, and the personnel service centre. However, all partners will have access to the website both at work and from home. For more information, you can see the personnel transformation pages. Via QuickTrain programme, all registered users can able to find an online self service training. The company is also offering classroom based courses for certain user groups. 

In order to get to see full details about this programme, you can see the personnel systems training courses. Additionally, the desk manual index contains the information about personnel processes. Including all these, you can able to get technical support for PartnerLink by considering the Partnership Personnel Systems Support Desk. 

How to Register a New Account

If you're logging in for the first time or want to create a new account at JLP PartnerLink in order to access all services, you can create a new account by using the option of sign up now button. After that, you're required to follow below steps as follows:
  • Once you've clicked on the sign up button, you need to enter your user name and password. 
  • The user name should be included 8-digit employee number which is followed by for all partners who make a request to get a service from Partnership health service. Otherwise, you need to enter your email address which you've used for your job application as username. 
  • However, the password should be included at least 8 characters. 

Forgotten Password?

If you've forgotten your password of account, you need to follow below mentioned steps that included:
  • At initial step, you're required to log into the john lewis partner link home website wherein you can able to view different kinds of fields such as agree and continue, forgotten password, other systems and websites, and information, training, and support. 
  • You need to click on forgotten password link which is available on the home page. 
  • After that, you can confirm your identity by entering the requested information. 
  • Based on entered information, it will be sent to the security code to your registered email address. 
  • You better to use the security code within 20 minutes of time before expire it and it can be helpful for you to complete the password reset process. 
  • By following these instructions properly, you can easily reset your password for PartnerLink Login. 
If you've gotten troublesome to access this application, you can consult QuickTrain or alternatively contact the Partnership Personnel Systems support desk on email or telephone number 0207 592 5588. 

Partnerlink Partners

GlobalLink can be utilized by many of the companies worldwide including more than 4000 companies to help them scale their multilingual communications. Accordingly, it has developed a rich partner ecosystem to support the vast customer base and that was named as partner intranet. 

Based on Login, the members of this company can easily access to the training programmes, early access to the software, and technical support to help ensure on-time and on-budget GlobalLink deployments. If you're looking for a specific partner, you can click on a find partner to browse the ecosystem of software providers and system integrators. 

For suppose, if you're interested to become a partner, you can click on a button which says become a partner and fill out the application form. Once your application has submitted, a member of team will contact you to discuss the options for partnering and partnership in john lewis partner intranet. 


The company has maintained a good relationship with popular brands such as Allergan, Barcelo hotels and resorts, Bally's Las Vegas, Bluetooth, Burger King, Business Wire, Bristol Myers Squibb, Carlson Rezidor, Casio, Delta, Coloplast, Compuware, Four Seasons, Good Year, Go Daddy, IMAX, Korean Air, Marriott, Loreal, Medco, Merk, SanDisk, ResWed, RockPort, RSA, Rosewood hotels and resorts, starwood, Texas instruments, Vogele shoes, zipcar, Toms, Western Digital, etc. 


If you're using the website for first time, you may feel a little lost. If you'd done this before, you know about some of the hassles that you're likely to encounter such as submitting source files, exploring the content from complicated back-end systems, fixing broken things, spending hours or days or weeks copying and pasting the content back into the existing systems, getting back the translated files, tracking processes and deadlines, pushing live, and hoping nothing goes wrong. 

Most of the world's biggest brands entrust this website because of its benefits such as rapid implementation, no source files required, simple validation and testing with the in-context review platform, meet any IT requirement with either cloud-based or on-premise deployment options, no project management or developmental costs, nothing to install and nothing to integrate, and maintain the highest level of customer data security. 

Since PartnerLink is a part of the GlobalLink OneLink, you might have the ability to migrate or adapt the solutions if you want to change down the line. You can find advantages such as no need to integrate with back-end systems, no source files required, no testing, no time-consuming on manual project management, no copying and pasting, and no long website localization machines. This PartnerLink is specialized in delivering high-quality translations for online content which is more helpful for more linguists and reviewers. 

It is integrated with On-page editor module which allows the translators to view all of their work in-context and in real time. As on-page editor is available for client to use as well, it reduces internal review and testing cycles which lead to get into the new markets very faster. 

Multi-Channel Delivery

With the use of PartnerLink API, you can easily leverage the previously translated assets to automatically translate the resource files, secure content or offline content without the need of any additional complex software tools. 

It can handle any type of website whether it is most complicated and dynamic all the way down to the small and basic which can be delivered throughout the world. It is also most secure localized solution and it can help the owners of the site to transact the business carefully while the customer data is protected by the highest recognized security standards. 


With the help of connect service provided by the GlobalLink, you can simplify the process of launching and maintaining the global websites easily. It serves as a bridge between your back-end systems and's industry leading translation services. 

It lets you to use the full functionality of your DMS, e-Commerce, CMS, PIM, and database platform in order to manage the multilingual content. In addition to these, you can eliminate the need of manual file export, cutting, and pasting. Accordingly, it has added new translation requests which can be initiated with a single click. 


GlobalLink Connect benefits included simple implementation, secure and cloud based platform, web-based review platform, automated re-integration of translated content into your back-end systems, automated content submission workflows, and pre-built integrations with most leading platforms. 

The supported platforms are HP software, Drupal, Documentum, Jahia, Magneto, Marketo, inRiver, zendesk, Vasont, tridion, WordPress, ektron, Adobe, Astoria, Commerce cloud, SAP Hybris, etc. 


Maybe you're expanding your existing international presence and your multilingual requirements are increasing. Accordingly, you may need to deal with the translation if in the case of in-house copywriters on staff in every market and every language. In alternative to the traditional translation process, GlobalLink allows to get advantages of a secure central location, a cloud-based system, and a platform that integrates into the existing back-end systems. 

GlobalLink Pro will take the responsibility of industry leading integration capabilities Connect and ads more robust visibility, tracking, and reporting options as well as enhanced functionality to manage the content creation, review, and manage. The essential benefits of pro service involved simple implementation, secure method, friendly, transparent, and cost-conscious. 


If your organization has needed a wide range of translation requirements or want to be a multinational company, you should be responsible for ensuring that moving parts stay moving and that all of the stakeholders should be happy. For that, you need to overcome some of the challenges such as flexibility, customizable requirements, simple integrations, easy deployments, and no technical headaches, results, plain, and simple, and cheaper costs and cleaner reporting. 

All these things make it happen with the use of GlobalLink Enterprise solution. It has built from ground up to support multi-vendor, multi-national approach to the translation management. It allows you to pick your translators, personalize your workflows, internal linguistic resources, integrate with the back-end systems, and automate manual processes with launching and maintaining global content for both online and offline. 

As everything is managed from the central organization, your company will get complete transparency into all of your organizational efforts. The key advantages of enterprise solution included quality minded, budget concious, vendor neutral, speedy, and IT-friendly. You can use any translation resource, internal or external, and track metrics and performance on each in a single location. You can set workflows, reports, permissions, and a number of other attributes according to the data points and preferences that you specify. 

Based on a terminology management module and server based TM, your content remains consistent and on-brand. As it has a feature of IT-friendly, you can get simple and flexible implementation options and minimal training requirements that make company-adoption easy. 


Globalink Modules is a modular and flexible system of integrated tools which work based on standalone components. Available modules subsumed project director, term manager, TransStudio, TransStudio Online, Transport, translation and review portal, and TM server. Project Director provides flexible integration system, project workflow capabilities, powerful business management, and translation vendor management in an intuitive web based platform. 

It can be easily configured to meet any enterprise translation requirements. Transport system eliminates the need for additional project management resources or IT dependencies. It is a powerful, scalable, and fully customizable solution which provides the clients with a simple tool in order to manage the processes very effectively. 

With the use of this solution, you can automate the solution from project creation to delivery. It is very easier to create, track, submit, approve, download, review, and archive translation projects. In addition to these, it allows you to get project managers with a platform to effectively manage the schedules, give executive sophisticated makers, track efforts across projects, and customizable dashboards. Across all partners and vendors, the translation and review portal lets the users to monitor the entire translation and review the lifecycle.

Accordingly, the project teams can manage the assignments and timelines for all facets of the translation review process. The term manager gives assistance to improve the management of the organization and highly branded, technical or industry-specific terminology by streamlining the process of translation, glossary creation, approval, and sharing. The term manager lets the distributed teams to work together on the terminology management system. 

By taking the help from term manager, vendors, and management authorizer, you can collaborate on, create, and maintain a centralized glossary of approved terminology. TransStudio is specifically designed to improve the way in which translators work and it is a java based and editing tool. It provides an intuitive environment where Translation Memory files can be accessed very efficiently and effectively.